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Dreamfields is a cute farming game with bears and dragons, and many more fairy creatures. Manage your farm and get help by gorgeous friends. Dreamfields is so wonderful that you think you're dreaming. Enjoy!
Explore a mystical world and gather the elements to meet your goals.
World of dreams is waiting for you. Fairy creatures, dragons and bears, and lots of dreams to come true. Dreamfields is the ultimate farming social game. Find yourself in a world of dreams where each one is unique, and journey from one dream to another in a fancy mix of fantasy and farming. It’s a 3D world of your dreams. Use your imagination and your skills to become the Master of Dreams. Visit your friends’ dreams and let your fantasy flow. Daily missions reveal real mysteries, Fantasy allows you to have cute pets, bears are the best helper you’ve ever imagined, just don’t forget to feed them in time for they need some jam every day.
In this interesting online game you will find yourself in a dream land. You can move from one dream to another. Your task is to take care of a village in which there will be some animals, plants and buildings. The game offers really nice graphics.
Build a magical dream farm where anything can happen! Attract bears to your farm with honey and have them do chores. Scare away dragons from your crops and invite your friends to the party!